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5 Benefits Of Switching To A Nicotine Free E Liquid

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Today, e liquids come in varying nicotine concentrations. You can choose the strength that fits best with you. There are also zero nicotine e liquids available on the market. You may wonder why someone would want to vape without nicotine, but there are several reasons people are switching to this alternative.

Most vapers do it to get rid of their unhealthy smoking habits, others do it to break the nicotine addiction without having to stop smoking. The hand-to-mouth action is a thing that becomes quite familiar to smokers, and with nicotine-free e liquids, they get to keep it even without inhaling any addictive element.

Benefits To Make The Switch

There are multiple compelling things about a zero nicotine e liquid. We’ve listed down some of them for those who are considering the switch but haven’t had enough motivation to do so.

1.   No More Nicotine Toxicity

E juices with nicotine often contain ingredients that lie outside the food grade category, however, nicotine-free e liquids contain safe ingredients. Zero nicotine e liquids do not pose any known health effects. Their production is largely reliant on non-toxic elements that are neither harmful to human health, nor to the environment. The farthest a no-nicotine e liquid can go in harming you is in case you are allergic to one of the ingredients present in it.

2.   No Addictive Components:

An e liquid formulation with 0 mg of nicotine is unlikely to make you addicted. With the introduction of nicotine-free e liquids, nicotine has now become an optional ingredient in vaping. However, the FDA approves only two types of labelling for e liquids. These are:

  1. This product contains nicotine
  2. This product is made from tobacco

Both of these are immensely wrong in the case of zero nicotine e liquids. The fact that there are no nicotine or tobacco derivatives in these vape juices makes them quite safe for consumers. You can make your own e liquid with no nic shots, in case the above labels leave a sense of suspicion in your mind.

3.   Great Way To Enjoy Your Favourite Flavours

A lot of vapers get rid of the nicotine habit but miss the flavours of vapes. Nicotine-free e liquids are a great option for them. It gives you the taste of your favourite sweets, fruits and spices without increasing your calorie or nicotine intake. Diabetic people also use these flavours to get rid of their sugar cravings. It’s a safe and sugar-less way of enjoying your most treasured desserts.

4.   Get Amazing Discounts:

The truth is people are still in the process of making a switch from nicotine infused vaping to nicotine-free vaping. As of yet, no-nicotine e liquids do not sell as well as their nicotine counterparts. This means that you may be able to find your most cherished flavours at discounted rates.

If you already use low-strength nicotine, you can pick up your favourite flavours at reduced rates and mix them with higher nicotine strengths. For example, you can create a 3 mg/ml liquid bottle by mixing a low-cost 0 mg/ml e liquid with 6 mg/ml e liquid. It’s a great money-saving hack most vapers are unaware of.

5.   Gentle On The Throat:

The term “throat hit” is essentially a product of the intensive nature of nicotine. When inhaled, it not only emphasises itself in your body and head but also delivers a sharp feeling in the throat.

This feeling is similar to a thump in the throat that is pleasurable for some and irritating to others. If you’re someone who doesn’t dig that feeling, a no-nicotine e liquid could be a great option. It not only helps cut costs on DIY e liquids, but is also not as harmful to human health. You can enjoy large clouds of smoke and impeccable flavours without having to consume any nicotine.

Create Your Own Nicotine Free E Liquid:

You can now mix your own nicotine-free vape juice at home. The method is super simple. All you have to do is add glycerin, and choose your PG/VG concentrates into a clean glass bottle. You can then mix your desired flavour of e liquid into the mix. Skip the nicotine shots because you are creating a nicotine-free e liquid.

You can get all the raw materials for a DIY e liquid from Cheap E Liquid UK. We stock up on the best vape juice brands in the UK to deliver quality to our customers. You are sure to end up with a standard quality e liquid blend if you pick your products from us.

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