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7 Best Clone Flavours By Cheap E Liquid You Should Definitely Try

If you’re a flavour-obsessed vaper, you might want to experiment with flavour-cloning. This practise allows you to save money by making your own cheap vape juice in UK using ingredients rather than paying full price for a retail product, in addition to allowing you to recreate the unique flavour profiles that are most exciting to your palate.

Flavour-cloning, as the name implies, is the process of replicating a flavour created by a vape juice manufacturer. Basically, if you used to buy an e liquid with an intoxicating flavour, you can simply “clone” the flavour by reproducing it yourself. Cheap E Liquid UK has a large selection of clone flavours that you can use to make clones of your favourite branded e liquids. We’ve listed some of the best clone flavours from their collection in this blog. Let’s get started!

7 Best Clone Flavours By Cheap E Liquid You Should Definitely Try

1.   Asap Grape Flavour Concentrate

This is the only grape flavour you’ll ever require! With each sweet inhale of this tasty treat inspired by Nasty Juice, your mouth will water. You will get a strong ripe fruit flavour on the inhale and a delicate balance of forest fruits and berries on the exhale. This is what makes this juice one-of-a-kind.  If you’re fond of fruity flavours, this flavour would be the ideal purchase for you.

2.   Bad Blood Flavour Concentrate

Nasty Juice was inspired by and created to complement the Bad Blood flavour concentrate. It’s just tangy enough to be perfect for the vapers who like sour flavours. If you’re looking for a flavour that is light on the tongue but packs an irresistible flavour punch, this could be your solution. On exhale, a fruity blend of sour fruit with a hint of menthol will make your mouth water! It’s not overly sweet or tart; it has all of the right flavours in all of the right places.

3.   Black Astaire Flavour Concentrate

The Wild at Heart Black Astaire Flavour Concentrate combines a wild blend of delicious, ripe berries and sweet blackcurrants that will transport you to the forest. It’s a popular flavour that’s packed with berries that are so delicious they’ll take your breath away. But be warned: this drink is so thirst-quenching that it should be called “Wild at Mouth”!

4.   Black Ice Flavour Concentrate

This cocktail’s flavour is best described as sweet and fruity, similar in nature to a black cherry or cranberry. Black Ice flavour concentrates are available in the following flavours: Apple, Ginger, and Lime; Aniseed; Menthol; Mint; Blackcurrant – a plethora of flavours for all your cocktails! The Black Ice flavour concentrates transform your cocktails into something refreshingly devilish with a complex blend of herbs and menthol.

5.   Breaking Bad Flavour Concentrate

A taste of this one-of-a-kind Breaking Bad flavour concentrate will drive you insane. Simply ask Heisenberg or Pinkman! The potent elixir, like its original counterpart, begins sweet and then quickly turns sour. This could be your best high yet!

6.   Devil’s Teeth Flavour Concentrate

This flavour is based on Nasty Juice’s Devil’s Teeth Flavour. This flavour is similar to biting into a juicy honeydew melon. The creators of this flavour tortured themselves with the worst tasting flavours to come up with this one. The fragrance is light and refreshing, like a fresh fruit salad crunching between your teeth in the morning, with notes of low mint adding a sense of freshness and ‘cool.’ If you’re tired of ordinary, average flavours and want to try something new,  you must try this flavour concentrate. All you have to do is fill your tank or vape pen to the brim, close your eyes, and let the fun begin.

7.   Fat Boy Mango Flavour Concentrate

The Fat boy mango flavour concentrate was inspired by and created to match the Nasty Juice mango flavour. This flavour captures the delectable flavour of mangoes in all their golden yellow glory, which melts into the sensation of vaping an actual mango. With its sharp brightness, a citrus fruit top note provides a brief respite from this intense sweet flavour. However, the sharpness lasts only for a moment, because Fresh Mint Leaf will signal the palate changing burst of freshness and light to finish off this delectable delight.

To Wrap Up:

With that said, if you’re looking for the clone flavours, you should get one of the aforementioned concentrates without wasting any time. Along with them, Cheap E Liquid UK offers the best collection of one pound liquid in the UK. place your order now.

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