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A Basic Guide E Liquid Steeping

e liquid steeping

E liquids come in all kinds of flavours and varieties. And those flavours and their intensity are half of what makes vaping so fun. So, every vaper wants an e liquid that has that feeling of richness in its flavour. Of course, it is achieved through a process which is known as e liquid steeping.

Steeping e juice is an art form in and of itself, and in this blog, we will be giving you an overview of how you can steep your e juices. As a wholesaler that sells cheap vape liquids and components to help you make those e liquids, we know a lot about the process of steeping and want to ensure that this information is communicated to people who are looking to create and mix e liquids of their own. Keep reading to find out.

What Is E Liquid Steeping & How Do You Do It?

●     What Is Steeping?

Let’s start off by discussing what steeping actually means. If you are familiar with wines and the process of ageing them, well, steeping is quite similar to that. Just like when a wine is stored for a long time to enhance and enrich its flavour, steeping is done for vape juices to enhance their flavour and develop their feel.

Steeping is also done for tea. But unlike the process of steeping tea, where a liquid is used to extract flavour from the solid, which is tea leaves, the process of steeping vape juice means leaving it to let the molecular structure of the vape juice develop.

●     Why Steep Vape Juice?

While steeping vape juice is not completely necessary as you can just mix and vape, the fact is that if you don’t steep your vape juice, you just won’t get the most out of it. Without steeping, your vape juice flavour will feel flat and just not as enjoyable as it could’ve been.

In the beginning, we discussed that steeping brings out the richness and quality of the flavour. It does that by evaporating the alcohol first of all. The alcohol slowly fades away as you keep it stored, and by the time you use it, it will feel smooth. If you don’t let the alcohol evaporate, it can create a harsh feeling in the vape juice, which might hit your throat harder than you want.

Steeping is also recommended because the compounds in the e liquid get the time to meld and mix together. After the steeping period, you will be able to taste the flavour much more because the vape juice’s molecular structure is much more harmonious.

Though, it should be remembered that steeping won’t necessarily be required every time. When you buy a premixed vape juice, you don’t really need to steep it as it comes ready. But if you are mixing your own vape juice, then the steeping becomes very necessary.

●     The Best Steeping Method

So, it comes to the question of which steeping method is best. And yes, there are multiple methods. If you want to steep your e juice, we recommend that you follow the method we will outline below because it is the most efficient at maximising the speed of the steeping process while keeping the e liquid intact.

Cheap E Liquid UK’s Recommended Steeping Method

  • Open the bottle of vape juice that you want to steep. Put it down and let it aerate for a few minutes. Then close it back up. This releases any alcohol vapour in the bottle.
  • Shake the bottle for a while. This is done to mix the different components together.
  • Then take the bottle and store it in a cool, dark place.
  • Repeat this process every day until the steeping process is complete.

●     How Long Does Steeping Take?

Of course, you have to know exactly how long you should be steeping your bottle(s) of vape liquid. It is important to know this because you can’t draw the steeping process out too long. And you surely have to vape it too.

The exact duration of the steeping process depends upon the flavour concentrates and profiles involved in the vape juice. For example, simple vape flavour profiles such as fruits don’t require longer than a week to steep. In contrast, other complex flavour profiles, such as tobacco or some dessert flavours, should be steeped for around a couple of weeks or more.

To Wrap Up

So, with this guide to steeping, you can ensure the creation of rich, deep and intensely flavoured vape juices.

If you are interested in creating your own vape juices and are looking for cheap but high-quality components, you can check out our collection. We have everything you might require, from VG to PG, nic shots, bottles and more. And if you are looking for premixed flavours in bulk, we offer them too. Our £1 e liquids will blow you away. Check out our bulk deals and discounts today!

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