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A Comprehensive Guide For Making Your Own E Liquids

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A Comprehensive Guide For Making Your Own E Liquids

DIY e liquids, or mixing your own, is the ideal way to completely customise your vaping experience. You get to make your e-liquid exactly to your specifications, and you can even save money. It is, however, prudent to gain a basic understanding of the ingredients and methods for creating your own e liquids. This guide will teach you everything you need to know before making your own e liquids. Let’s start!

Guide For Making Your Own E Liquids

What Do You Need For Making Your Own Vape Juice?

●     Diluents

There are two types of diluents used in the production of e liquids. Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol (PG) (VG). Both of these serve different purposes and are essential when creating your own e liquid. PG is in charge of flavour and throat hit, while VG is in charge of clouds of vapour, thickness, and a hint of sweetness.

●     Flavouring

Technically, this is optional. Some vapers do not want to taste anything while vaping; they simply want to simulate the sensation of smoking. Most vapers, however, will want a flavour in their e liquid, and there are many to choose from, not to mention the endless combinations you can make.

●     Nicotine

This is, once again, optional. With all of the other ingredients except nicotine, you can make a zero nicotine e liquid. However, if you add nicotine, you can completely customise your nicotine strength.

●     DIY e-liquid accessories

You will require some accessories. You may require empty bottles, syringes, measuring cylinders, scales, gloves, and tissue depending on how you intend to mix your e-liquid.

Ingredients To Avoid

●     Flavourings that are not suitable for e cigarettes

You should never use a flavouring that has not been specifically designed for e cigarettes. While ‘flavourings’ may be suitable for other purposes, such as cooking, they are not suitable for inhalation. Use only e-liquid flavourings from a reputable source.

●     Ultra-high nicotine strength

Make certain that the nicotine strength in your DIY e liquid is under your control. It is easy to vape excessively if your nicotine strength is set too high.

●     Essential oils

Essential oils have no place in e liquid and should never be used.

●     Vodka / Water

The method of using water or vodka as a base was popular in the early days of DIY vape juice. This was done to thin the e liquids and improve the flavour. It isn’t necessary anymore, and we wouldn’t recommend it. If you want an e liquid with a slightly thinner base, use Aqueous Glycerine instead of VG. This is a diluent that contains both VG and distilled water. If you want to reduce the amount of PG in your e liquid, the DIY method allows you to use almost all VG and still get a great e liquid.

E Liquid Calculators

There are numerous excellent, dependable e liquid calculators available. All you have to do is enter the numbers you want to mix, and it will show you the exact ingredient ratio.

You must be aware of the flavours you are employing as well as the quantity. What diluent ratio to use and how strong do you want your flavouring to be.

How To Safely Mix Your Own E Liquid

There are several methods for creating your own e liquids.

Some people use volume measurements such as millilitres. Others will mix by weight using scales.

It is always best to wear gloves when mixing, especially when nicotine is present. This is due to the fact that nicotine can be absorbed through your skin (think of a nicotine patch).

As previously stated, depending on how you intend to mix, you will require some accessories. You’ll need syringes or measuring cylinders if you’re mixing by volume. You’ll need scales if you’re going by weight, and both methods require empty bottles.

Before you begin mixing, make sure everything is ready and in place, and have a tissue handy in case of any minor spills.

What Is Steeping?

Steeping has been a source of contention for as long as e liquids has been available. Steeping is simply leaving your e liquid in a cool, dark place (for a few weeks) so the flavours can fully mix and you get the full flavour of the e-liquid.

However, some vapers believe that steeping has no effect. So, make sure the e-liquid is well shaken before trying it and seeing what you think. The majority of flavours will taste great as soon as they are combined. As soon as the e-liquid is mixed, it is safe to vape.

To Wrap Up:

This was some basic information that will surely help you a lot. Also, make sure that you use the best quality ingredients and you order them from a trusted supplier. Cheap E liquid UK has the best quality PG, VG, Nicotine and flavouring available for you along with nic shots and 50ml shortfill e liquid. Check out the collection and place your order right away.

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