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A Comprehensive Guide to PG And VG In Vaping

PG and VG

If you practise regular vaping, you are probably aware of the terms PG and VG. To beginners, this may seem like a new concept and grasping the proper ratios and definitions may seem confusing at the start.

However, it may interest you to know that knowing the right stuff about these 2 ingredients may considerably increase your vaping experience. And isn’t that what we all just want? To have the time of our lives while vaping?

In this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about VG and PG in the UK. Scroll down to find out more!

What Are PG And VG

PG is short for propylene glycol, while VG means vegetable glycerine. These are the 2 main ingredients that are mixed with flavour and sometimes nicotine to create different types of e juice.

PG and VG are classified as alcohols. However, they are not intoxicating or have any such features. They are basically known as sugar alcohols and also form a part of a lot of different food items and even other industries. In e liquids, they produce vapour when you heat them, which is a very important reason they are used in e liquids.

Even though both are used in the manufacturing of e liquids, their properties differ in a lot of things. E liquids are made through a combination of both ingredients, but the ratios and levels vary in different e liquids. These ratios are the reason different e liquids have different consistencies.

The wrong ratios can be quite off putting and ruin your quality of vaping to a large extent. This is why it is important you choose just the right quantities for your equipment. This is why we will now discuss these 2 products in detail.

What Is PG?

As mentioned earlier, PG is short for propylene glycol. This is a by-product of petroleum and is a fluid which is odourless, colourless and the major factor that sets it apart from VG is that it is less viscous.

Why PG in vaping? Well, it provides an absolutely amazing throat hit, which is quite near to the feeling one has while smoking tobacco. PG is also more flavourful and is used frequently by vapers to give a much better taste to e liquid and to increase the intensity of its flavour.

What Is VG In Vaping?

VG is a natural chemical that is produced through vegetable oils. So how does it help to vape? Well, if you vape, you or your friends have probably had vaping competitions to see who is making a thicker vapour cloud. Do you know how this is achieved?

Well, the winner definitely needs to thank VG for this! It makes a strong, thick cloud and is the reason you are able to make those amazing rings and clouds that you want to show off so badly.

VG also gives a better and smoother throat hit as compared to PG. Hence, the sub-ohm vaping experience will be better with higher quantities of this particular ingredient.

What Should You Do To Achieve The Best Ratios?

Well, all this depends on how you want your vaping experience to be and the purpose you want to be achieved. Here are a few factors you should consider while deciding the quantities of VG and PG.

●     Do You Want A Smoother Hit?

If you want a smoother throat hit and a thicker vapour, VG is definitely what you should put more of in your vaping device.

Make amazing smoke clouds and flaunt your vaping techniques in front of your friends. Just add a higher quantity of VG and see the magic!

●     Are You Aiming For A Sharper Hit?

If that is the case, PG is what you need. That sharp hit at the end of the throat is what some people want while vaping, especially smokers who have shifted to vaping and are still trying to quit.

For that crowd, more PG is much better, as this will help them get what they are craving so badly.

●     How Much Flavour Would You Prefer?

PG makes the vaping experience more flavourful and tasty. However, not everyone wants too much flavour. Some people would prefer less taste, while others want a lot.

Depending on your preferences, you can easily adjust your quantities and ratios to get the perfect vaping experience. Want more flavour? Use more PG. Want less of it? VG is your perfect go to!

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