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A Guide To Storing E Liquids

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We all know where to purchase e liquids from or how to top them up in our vapes, but how much do we care about its safe storage?

We have all made the mistake of leaving our vape juice on the surface of a table, a drawer, or even in our pocket. Most vapers tend to forget about the location of their e juice bottle until they run out of it. It is understandable that storage is the last thing on your mind while making an e liquid purchase, but once you’re a regular vaper, or you start creating your own DIY vape juices, it is time to practice proper storage.

E liquid is quite cheap when compared to other tobacco products, and a lot of vapers tend to make their own for a better and more refined outcome. The good news is, you can create e liquid in bulk and store it for months. The one condition, however, is efficient and secure storage.

How Vape Juice Reacts To Environmental Factors

The ingredients in a vape juice formulation contain chemicals, organic flavouring and other liquid compounds. They are likely to react and degrade if not stored correctly.

Here is a list of environmental factors that can sabotage the integrity of an e liquid mix.

1.   Light:

Light delivers heat to the e liquid. The molecular composites of an e liquid break up when exposed to UV rays. The oxidation process is further stimulated by the presence of UV light. It provides ample energy for the advancement of the reaction. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your e liquids away from a direct light source. Always store your bottles in a dark space to avoid UV damage.

2.   Air:

When an e liquid bottle is left in the open air, the oxygen reacts with nicotine and forms cotinine. In this reaction, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen are lost. This means that the nicotine in your e liquid has started to break down. It may not be easily perceptible, but it does take some fun out of your vaping experience.

Make sure that the e juice is kept in an airtight container. Whenever there is a need for refills, do not forget to put the lid back on.

3.   Heat:

As mentioned below, heat is the catalyst in nicotine breakdown reactions. Heat damages an e liquid more than any other environmental factor. It causes the breakdown of the ingredients, and then further causes fragments in each individual ingredient. High temperature can also change the e juice flavour significantly, which is why you should always keep your e juice bottles away from heat.

Plastic Vs Glass: What Is The Ideal Storage Option?

1.   Plastic:

Once you’re done preparing your DIY e liquid, you can store it in a plastic bottle. However, this practice is only suitable for short-term storage. The e liquid composition is not impacted if stored in a plastic bottle for one to two months. However, plastic has the potential to interact with e liquid compounds present inside the container.

It can cause chemical alterations that can lead to an unpleasant taste. Additionally, despite plastic being extremely obstructive, it is still permeable for a few gases. These gases can get past the bottle and react with the solution to degrade the e liquid.

2.   Glass:

Glass is one of the most non-intrusive solid substances for the storage of e liquids. It does not react with any of the e liquid components. It also displays minimum to zero permeability for all gases, which reduces the chances of e liquid degradation.

Freezing Is The Best Way To Store Your E Liquid:

If you want your e liquid to last long and stay intact for a long time, the best option is to keep it in a fridge. This ensures that no environmental or physical factors sabotage the chemical integrity of the vape juice. As the molecular energy reduces in colder temperatures, it will prevent any chemical alterations.

The PG in a liquid is also anti-bacterial and cold temperatures are hostile to bacterial growth, which is why fridge storage is a great option. The consistency of the liquid may thicken if stored in a fridge for an extended period of time, so it is best to bring it back to room temperature before refilling.

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