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An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best PG/VG Ratio.

If you’re a vaper who likes to make their own e liquids from ingredients and empty e liquid bottles, one thing you must understand is the PG/VG ratio. The best VG/PG ratio depends on the type of vaping experience you want. We’ve listed a few things to think about in this blog. Let’s get started!

●     Flavour and Throat Hit-

For the best e liquid flavour while vaping, use an even PG VG e liquid ratio, such as 50:50. To increase the throat hit, choose an e liquid with a higher concentration of PG: VG ratio of about 60:40.

●     Smoothness-

When vaping, vape juice with a higher VG concentration will feel smoother on the throat. The viscous and oily nature of VG provides the smoothness that many vapers enjoy. However, because VG is sweet, the vape juice flavour in high VG liquids tends to be crowded.

In other cases, the flavour is completely lost because VG is not the best carrier. To address the flavour issue, increase the power to produce more vapour, which intensifies the flavour. However, it is critical to remember what power level (wattage or voltage) your coils are designed for so that you do not ruin them by operating too high on either!

●     Discreteness

When you’re out and about in public, using high PG e liquids is the best way to keep your vaping discreet. Higher PG: VG ratio vapes are ideal for low-key cloud chasers who prefer to stay hidden, even when they light up at their favourite hangout! However, regardless of how much of an attention seeker you are, keep in mind that it is illegal to use vaporizers in some public areas or indoors without first obtaining permission from the property owner.

●     Cloud Production

A high VG juice is ideal for cloud chasers who exhale large, thick clouds of vapour. A VG: PG ratio of around 80:20 or 70:30 will yield massive amounts of dense clouds. However, a high concentration of VG is not suitable for all types of e-cigarettes because it can easily clog the wick or coil, causing the device to malfunction. Sub-ohm vaping is ideal for high VG concentrations. If you notice that the vape juice is too viscous, add some deionized water to thin it out.

●     The Type Of Device-

Your ideal PG: VG ratio will be heavily influenced by the type of vaping device you use. Because PG vaporises at low temperatures, e liquids with high PG concentrations perform best with low wattage devices. VG, on the other hand, is a viscous liquid that absorbs the wick slowly. It is also prone to causing blockages or clogs in the coil. Therefore, high VG concentrations work best with high wattage or sub-ohm vapes.



The 50/50 PG/VG ratio is one of the most popular, implying a good balance of flavour, throat hits, and cloud production. It works best in low-voltage devices under 80 watts to produce larger clouds without overpowering flavours.


The 70VG/30PG ratio is ideal for vapers who are more concerned with vapour production quality but still want to experience a hint of flavour and a nicotine rush from their e liquid. It is best suited for sub-ohm vapers and high-wattage systems. You will not have to reduce your power levels if you use this blend. Also, if you want higher nicotine concentrations, you can purchase liquid nicotine in the UK and add them to your flavour.


This ratio combination is not widely used by vapers. 75 VG/25 PG is the ideal ratio for those looking for a little more from their vape. You’ll be able to create bold and thick clouds with a fuller flavour without sacrificing throat hits. Cloud chasers love dense clouds of vapour on the exhale.


Cloud chasers want thick, bold clouds, which is why 80VG/20PG blends are so popular. Although the ratio provides a subtle throat hit, users will notice a decrease in flavour. Because of the high VG concentration, this combination produces a thicker liquid, making it ideal for sub-ohm vapes.


For those who are less concerned with the flavour of their e liquid and prefer to produce massive clouds when vaping, a 90 per cent VG/ 10 per cent PG ratio is ideal. This combination is ideal for use with high-wattage vaping devices. While the 10% PG concentration significantly reduces the throat hit and flavour impact, the high wattage system partially compensates for the flavour loss.

To Wrap Up:

We hope this information will help you in selecting an ideal PG/VG ratio for your DIY e liquids. Also, if you’re searching for e liquid bottle wholesale, liquid nicotine, PG or VG, Cheap E Liquid UK has them available for you at the best prices.

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