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DIY E-Liquids: Master Your Vape Juice Production

If you wish to have complete control of your vaping experience, DIY vaping can be a great intervention in your vaping journey. This technique allows you to make your own e-liquid, based on your personal taste. You can add the desired PG/VG ratios, control your nicotine concentration and fix your flavouring.

You can also create your own one pound e-liquid in the UK at a much lower price than you would buy a more mixed one. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran vaper, you can switch to DIY liquids to obtain higher variations and better control.

In this blog, we’ve put together all the details you need to know before buying your DIY e-liquid ingredients. The mixing procedure and concentration selection become a lot easier once you have tried a few variations.

Read ahead to find out what you need and what you should stay away from while mixing your own vape juice.

Benefits Of Using DIY Vape Juice:

While it may sound like a difficult task, mixing your own vape juice is actually quite easy. The process is as simple as following a recipe, meanwhile taking some precautions for your own safety. Once you learn your favourite recipes, you will be able to develop e liquids in bulk without any trouble.

At the same time, DIY vapes allow you to have complete authority over your vaping experience. By creating your own formulation, you can match the specifications you seek in an e-liquid brand. For example, you can manipulate the PG/VG ratios to obtain thicker clouds or a stronger throat hit. You can also incorporate your desired flavours like fruits, desserts and menthol into the mix.

These factors are only controllable if you make your own vape juice. The best part is the mixing of different flavour variations to create the most ideal taste for yourself. Everyone has a different taste, and making your own e-liquid allows you to identify your own.

The practice also helps save big on your daily vaping needs. The nicotine strength determines the amount of your DIY e-liquid. If you are someone who uses nicotine-free e juice or low nicotine concentration, you will be able to save a significant amount on your e juice. You can also make a DIY e-liquid in the size you need. Instead of sticking to the standard 10 ml bottle, you can create them in bulk and store them for later.

Things To Avoid In A DIY E-Liquid:

While you make your own e-liquid, there are some things you must be careful of. In order to avoid a failed formulation or a low-quality flavouring, you should stay away from specific ingredients and methods.

1.   Wrong Flavouring:

Make sure that the flavouring you are using to create your blend is specifically constructed for e liquids. Stay away from food flavouring or other types of taste enhancers because they are not meant to be inhaled. Buy from a reliable retailer to ensure stronger flavour and an excellent taste.

2.   High Amount Of Nicotine:

It is also not recommended to use a very high strength of nicotine in your mixture. If the concentration of nicotine is too high, you will be using a lot of juice with each puff of smoke. This will make your e-liquid last a lot shorter than it should.

3.   Water or Vodka:

A few years ago, people used to add water or vodka to their DIY vape juices to work as a base. However, both of them were too thin and runny to improve the flavour. This practice was abandoned hence and is not recommended any more.

If you still want a thinner base for your e-liquid, you can opt for aqueous glycerin in place of VG. This solution is a diluted form of VG that contains distilled water. Furthermore, there is no need to add vodka to cut down the PG ratio in your e-liquid.

How To Calculate Your Ingredient’s Ratio:

If you want to calculate the ratio of your ingredients, you can use an e liquid calculator online. This way, all you have to do is enter the quantity of e juice you want to create, and the calculator will estimate the ideal ratio of the ingredients accurately.


Here are some things you must keep in mind if you are planning to create a DIY vape juice. You must be aware of the right and wrong ingredients and the product ratios to develop a successful formulation. If you are in search of ingredients in the UK for the best quality e-liquid formulation, Cheap E Liquid UK can be your one-stop solution. We have nic shots, e-liquid flavouring and PG/VG liquids available on our online shop.

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