Clone Flavours (17)

Fruit & Berry Flavours (28)

Sweet Flavours (21)

Bakery & Desserts Flavours (16)

Drink & Beverage Flavours (13)

Mint & Menthol Flavours (9)

Nut & Spice Flavours (4)

Tobaccos Flavours (9)

For an ultimately exquisite vaping experience, the vape must be filled with liquid just right for your mood. When pre-mixed vape E liquids are the first choice for most people, some vape lovers fancy spicing things up. On the other hand, vaping celebrates innovation and rewards you as you do it right. So, if you love to try something new every now and are up to DIY with the e liquid flavour concentrates, you are at the right place.

Our carefully crafted range of e liquid concentrates satisfies your urge for adventure well. You can easily DIY your unique vape juice by mixing the best e liquid flavour concentrates because being typical is no fun. Be it as a stand-alone e liquid concentrate or a combination of concentrates you need for your experiment; we promise you the best variety of vape juice concentrate at the finest quality

Discover the new horizons of e liquid flavour concentrates 

Our wide range will serve you limitless options when trying out new combinations of vape juice concentrates. Before you explore our exquisitely prepared e liquid flavour concentrates by expert flavourologists, you must know how our vape juice concentrates can add to your vaping.

E liquid flavour concentrates are just like food flavourings that replicate the taste of various eatables such as fruit & berries, sweets & desserts, drinks and & beverages, etc. With the best e liquid concentrates sourced from the flavour houses of e liquid UK, you can craft several different flavours. Hence, you can vape away the flavour that complies with your personality. Whether you are a newbie or a DIY enthusiast, cheap e liquids UK offers you a range of six main categories of the most delicate PG-based e-juice flavours without the PG/VG and nicotine.

Clone Flavours

To satisfy your taste buds with the premium flavours from the brands you have always loved, our flavourologists have prepared the clone flavours. Now, you can enjoy heavenly aromas such as Heisenberg or Red Astaire with nominal vape flavour concentrates from Cheap E-liquid UK without breaking the bank.

Fruit & Berry Flavours

Adding to your summer vibes, we offer you the refreshing vape juice flavour conentrate of ripe and succulent fruits and berries. So whether you enjoy blueberry alone or want to DIY mix it with the apple flavour or whatever, you have the best quality e liquid flavours at affordable prices.

Sweets Flavours

If you are looking for the sweet flavours and candy taste in e liquid flavour concentrates in the UK to try out your creativity, check out our collection of sweets confectionary and candy little vape flavour concentrates. Indeed, you can never go wrong with fruit pastilles or bubblegum flavour concentrates.

 Bakery & Desserts Flavours

You no longer have to rush to the bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead, you can simply vape away your cravings for donuts or lemon tart with our e liquid concentrates.

Drink & Beverage Flavours

Who doesn’t love the refreshing taste of slushes? However, we have taken the game of drink & beverage flavour concentrates to another level serving you with more than just flavour concentrates of slushes. Here, you can also find lemonade, energy drinks, and different milkshake vape flavouring.

Mint & Menthol Flavours

When you need a prompt refreshment, puffing on our excellent mint & menthol flavour liquids proves to be the best treat. Whether fresh mint, icy blast, or a DIY mix of mint with ripe fruits, the E-liquid will soothe you no matter what.

Nut & Spice Flavours

We offer you the nuts & spice aromas straight from the streets of Marakesh. So, if you ever wish to taste the luxury of refined tastes, Cheap E-liquid UK serves you the best e liquid flavour concentratessuch as almonds and hazelnut.

Tobaccos Flavours

Our range of tobacco flavours is mainly composed to serve you the ultimate delight and pleasure.

Explore our collection of E liquid flavours with the USP/EP Grade Nicotine. While wepromise you the best e-liquid concentrates in the UK, we do not compromise on quality.

Adding to your vaping experience

Dedicated to serving you the prime compositions of the E liquids to make your vaping the most memorable. We offer flavour concentrates in HDPE/PE bottles with CRC caps. At cheap E-liquid UK, you can have your concentrates from 10ml up to 1 litre. However, we also cater to custom orders ranging from 25 litres. So whether you are one of the expert mixologists who like to do it their way or you would like us to do it for you, we serve you the best food-grade flavours.

Your DIY E-liquid with the nominal vape flavour

MIY would be a better term for this; Mix It Yourself. Making your e-juice is tricky yet straight forwards. First, get all the ingredients from cheap E-Liquid UK along with empty bottles. As you may already know, these ingredients include the PG/VG base, vape liquid flavours, and nicotine, as per your choice. Now mix these ingredients and enjoy. However, every component must be mixed in proper amounts for a perfect puff.

Therefore, you must jump onto our e-liquid calculator. You can make the calculations either by weight or volume. If you’ve got 100ml of e liquid flavour concentrates, it is best if you mix with respect to the weight.

Choosing the correct PG/VG ratio

Choosing the correct PG/VG ratio according to your vaping style is essential. You select yours on the following lines.

  • VG 100% – The perfectly suitable liquid for cloud chasers
  • PG 100% – Gives you the most potent flavour & strongest throat hit possible.
  • VG 70% / PG 30% –The smooth, mellow predominance of VG-based e-liquid is perfect for throat-sensitive vapers.
  • VG 50% / PG 50% – It is for beginners. This ratio may also allow you to figure out the best suitable vape juice.
  • VG 40% / PG 60% – It is quite a flavourful combination that gives just sufficient cloud production.
  • VG 20% / PG 80% – It is made for that powerful throat hit and powerful flavour, but you can still enjoy a nice puff.

Last but not least, once you have mixed all the ingredients and prepared your custom E-liquid, you must store it properly. It is advised that you keep it in a cool, dark, and safe place. If left out in the light, nicotine may oxidize, and the color of the mix may change to dark and amber. Further, the ingredients decompose if exposed to heat.


1. Do the concentrates contain PG/VG base?

Our nominal e liquid flavour concentrates do not contain the PG/VG base. However, they are PG based, which means the flavour concentrates are diluted in PG.

2. Why do I miss the throat hit?

Some vapers, especially the ones vaping low nicotine strength, miss the throat hit they have been experiencing while smoking cigarettes. The throat hit is vital to the process, and maybe you can use a Flash Enhancer for this while you vape low to no nicotine strength.

3. What percentage of e liquid flavour is preferable?

There is no ultimate answer to this. Indeed, there is more than one variable that varies from person to person depending upon their preferred style of vaping. Hence, the amount of flavouring also changes accordingly. The PG/VG base plays a vital role as high PG content allows you to taste a sharp flavour, whereas the high VG content masks the flavour and forms thick vapours. Furthermore, the final percentage of flavouring to be used depends on the equipment type and flavour brand. Hence, you can get the percentage perfect for your taste via the trial-and-hit method.

4. Why does my vape taste like perfume?

When we endorse that you must mix the correct amounts, we mean it because vapers, especially newbies, often come up with this query. If your vape tastes like perfume, it is simply because you have added flavour much more than required. It causes over-saturation, and your vape tastes like talcum powder, perfume, or an aftershave. Indeed, it is the simplest and quickest way to ruin the mood, so use our free E-liquid calculator for impeccable vaping with nominal vape juice flavour concentrate.

5. Can I add flavouring to my e-liquid?

Yes, you can add flavorings to your e-liquid to create a custom vape juice that suits your personal taste preferences. E-liquid flavorings or concentrates are specifically designed for use in DIY e-liquid mixing and are typically made up of a blend of natural and/or artificial flavor compounds, PG (propylene glycol) and sometimes a small amount of water or alcohol.

6. How to make your own e-juice flavour concentrates?

To make your own e-juice, first, put an empty bottle on a scale and press the tare button to reset it. Then, add the right amount of flavorings to the bottle and press tare again. Next, add the right amount of diluents and press tare. After that, add the right amount of nicotine. Finally, put the cap on the bottle and shake it really well.

7. What are flavor concentrate for vape juice?

Flavor concentrates for vape juice are strong liquid flavors that you add to the base ingredients of e-juice to create different flavors for vaping. They can be natural or artificial flavors like fruit, candy, dessert, or drinks. You only need a little bit of concentrate because they are very strong. You can find them in many different flavors from different brands and stores.