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How E-Liquid is the Safest and Finest Way to Quit Smoking?

What is vaping, and how does it work?

Vaping is generally compared with smoking because both deliver nicotine to our bodies. The difference lies between the methods of delivery. For example, in smoking, nicotine is transferred to the body after combustion, while in vaping, nicotine is delivered by vaporization. Smoking is used to combust the nicotine in tobacco, but vaping uses E-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice to vaporize the mixed nicotine. Comparatively, vaping is a safe way to inhale nicotine. However, e-cigarettes are rechargeable in the market and can be used for vaping with refills, or disposable vapes are also available. E-liquid is the safest to refill for e-cigarettes is often known; companies specifically prepare for smoking cessation. Both e-cigarette and disposable vape have their benefits and advantages.

What does E-liquid contain?

Generally, people believe that an e-liquid more or less contains nicotine to help in reducing smoking addiction. But it is possible that e-liquids may or may not have nicotine because some people vape non-nicotine vape juice to quit smoking.

So, for an e-cigarette, traditionally, e-juice is a mixture of the following ingredients:

  1. Nicotine
  2. Propylene glycol
  3. Vegetable glycerin or glycerol
  4. Flavors
  5. Other chemicals or, in some cases, water

Companies standardize the amount of nicotine according to the juice quantity. So, for example, a 10 ml vape juice will have 10mg/ml or 1% nicotine, and so on.

Moreover, now the companies have prepared water-based e-juice to make it healthier. But chemical-based medicines have some benefits and advantages for the human body.

Pros and Cons of £1 Pound E-liquid is the Safest Vape Juice

E-liquid is the safest and most beneficial to overcome smoking, but its effects depend upon the quality of vape juice. Companies are experimenting to get the best result for cheap e-liquids so people can quickly turn off smoking with healthy meals.

Here we will discuss some essential advantages of e-juice:


  • Healthier than smoking– Vape juice is good for oral health and less affects the lungs. Moreover, it increases blood circulation and lung capacity by providing a good sense and taste of smell.
  • Control of nicotine dosage– E-liquid is the safest to provide you the control over nicotine dosage; that’s why people love them. Vape juices are available in different strengths, from nicotine-free to higher dosages. You can choose accordingly.
  • Instant satisfaction– Smoking is an addiction that can only be initially satisfied when you are on the way to quitting it. E-juice gives you instant pleasure after a puff without damaging effects on your health.
  • Pocket friendliness– Vape juice is pocket friendly and won’t cost you much compared to other cessation tools such as medicines. Moreover, it is accessible.
  • Less pollutant– By using vaping juice, you can control the number of exhaling vapors. Hence it pollutes the environment comparatively less than smoking.
  • Favorable– E-juice comes in many flavors for every palate, e.g., tobacco to fruits flavor, which is fun to use


  • Ingestion – E-juice is equally dangerous for children as smoking. Swallowing e-liquids is harmful and even causes death.
  • Inhalation of particulate matter– While inhaling, particulate matter that emits from the e-cigarette can be dangerous to those who inhale secondhand, like passive smoking. It may cause an asthma attack or even a heart attack.
  • Labeling– Sometimes, vape juice does not have accurate labeling, and nicotine-free is not free from nicotine. So labeling can distract and harm the consumer.
  • Packaging – Normally, e-liquids are not in children-prohibited packaging and are readily available in plastic or glass bottles and containers. It may leak or spill from their containers.
  • Knowledge curve – For a new buyer, it is hard to select an e-juice for its nicotine dosage and flavors. He may get confused and frustrated by so many available options in the market.


How is £ 1 Pound E-liquid the safest and the finest?

As for every product selecting the brand, the first question arises about the quality. Many online e-juice products are available but don’t give you up-to-mark results. Here we recommend the best vape products from Cheap Liquid UK, named “£1 e-liquid,” for the following reasons.

  1. They provide you a 10ml vape juice for £1 in more than 100 exotic flavors such as tobacco, beverages, mint, menthol, nut and spices, fruits, and candy.
  2. You can select your PG/VG ratio and nicotine type while ordering.
  3. More perks include the quality of nicotine which is the top one and the customization of nicotine quantity. In addition, it provides a pharmaceutical-grade product that ensures good quality standards and safety.
  4. Moreover, its price is based on the costs rather than the market prices.
  5. Cheap liquid in the UK provides 24/7 supply services for one-pound vape liquid.
  6. It is a top-tier supply of the one-pound e-liquid UK and provides free delivery of over £35. So now you can store your one-pound vape liquid by purchasing in bulk with free delivery.



Whether vaping is not safest but at least safer than smoking and satisfactory while adopting smoking cessation. High-quality vape products can enhance the chance to achieve the purpose of vaping. Cheap liquid has classified E-liquid as one-pound e-liquid best for quitting smoking with fun. The top-notch quality assurance of Cheap Liquids UK is its guarantee to Buy more and save more. Buy 10ml for less than £1 with a multi-buy discount. So being less healthy is better than being unhealthy.

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