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E Liquids At Home: A Guide To Create Your Own Mix

If you feel like buying vape juice is getting costly day by day, consider making your own! The method is simple and will help you save big on your daily e-liquid expenses.

DIY vapes provide you with an opportunity to make your own vape juice, perfectly suited to your specific taste. This means that you get to control the flavour, the strength of nicotine as well as the PG/VG ratio in your e-liquid concentrate. You can create large amounts of this product, so that you do not have to buy an e-liquid bottle every other month.

Vape shop owners can also buy e juice raw materials to create their own vape juice brand. The method is simple and offers great savings.

How To Create Your Own Vape Juice?

Here is a breakdown of the process of e-liquid mixing. Follow these steps to create a new and fun recipe that perfectly matches your personal taste in e liquids.

1.   Purchase The Ingredients:

You need a few ingredients to develop your own e juice mixture. This includes a nic shot/bottle, an e-liquid base (i.e., PG and VG liquids) and your desired flavouring. Make sure to stay away from oil-based bases or the kind of flavours that are not specifically designed for e liquids.

You can find these ingredients at any reputable vape juice retailer in your vicinity. You can also check online websites to find high-grade flavours and nicotine concentrates.

2.   Identify Vape Fluid Measurements:

In order to determine the vape fluid measurements, you must identify the amount you are aiming to make. Additionally, you should know the strength of nicotine and the PG/VG ratio to develop the most ideal mixture.

Next, you can use a vape juice calculator to see how much of each liquid should be added. Put in your intended volumes, the nicotine strength you want, as well as the desired PG/VG ratio. It will give you the estimated ratio of all your ingredients. This will help you determine the exact volume of each fluid you are using in the mix.

3.   Create Your Base Mixture:

Put on your gloves and get ready to be hands-on with the vape production method. Take a syringe and extract the calculated amount of PG and VG into a beaker. This will form the foundation or base of your e-liquid.

Don’t forget to wash the syringe after you have used it. This will help prevent build-up, reducing the risk of contamination.

4.   Add Your Flavouring:

In the beaker, you have a vape juice that is utterly flavourless. The tasteless PG and the mild sugar flavour of VG are what you will get if you vape it in this state. However, if you add flavour, the experience will improve ten-fold.

The vape calculator will provide you with an ideal flavouring concentrate amount, but you are also allowed to experiment with this ingredient. Depending upon the intensity of flavour you seek, you can add a bit more or less of the liquid.

In general, a 5% ratio of concentrate in the vape juice will give a very subtle flavour, whereas a 20% is the highest standard amount. It can taste too powerful or too sweet for some people.

5.   Mix Nicotine:

Nicotine is the most powerful ingredient among all vape juice components and is known to have poisonous effects on the skin. That is why, you need to be extra careful while handling nicotine shots. Make sure to put on your gloves before you start working with it.

Understand that the amount of nicotine is determined by the volume of the overall juice you’re making. For example, if you’re adding a nicotine shot of 10ml of 18 mg in a solution of 50 ml of other ingredients, you will get 60mls at 3 mg. But if you want to get 180 ml at 3 mg, you may need to add in 2 more shots to 150mls to achieve that. You can get help from a vape calculator if the calculations seem too complicated.

6.   Transfer It In A Bottle:

Once you have your finished product in the beaker, mix it well and then transfer it into a bottle. Use a syringe to carry the liquid from one container to the other for safe and free-of-leaks transfer. Seal each bottle tightly and store it in a secure place for use.

Here you have it, the process of DIY vape juice production explained simply. If you’re looking for good deals, you may be able to find the best £1 e-liquid ingredients at Cheap E Liquid UK. We are a well-known retailer of vape juice raw materials in the UK that provides quality e juice products in bulk.

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