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Few Things to Do to Get Maximum Flavor Out of Your E Liquids

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If you are into vaping, then you already know the importance of the right flavour. In fact, the gist of vaping lies in flavours. If you don’t get them right, you’ll just be blowing bland clouds out in the air.

That’s only fine to impress others but never enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Vape flavours are a tricky thing. There’s a lot that goes on behind it. We are here to simplify things for you so that your vaping experience is a delight. Please note that getting the right flavour out of your e liquids doesn’t always depend upon the e liquid that you choose.

Whether you buy an expensive e liquid or cheap e liquid in the UK, getting your desired flavour depends upon multiple factors, which we’ll discuss below.

Watch the Coils

Ever noticed that fresh coils give amazing flavour, and the performance decreases with time. That’s because used up coils decrease in efficiency.

Plus, what coils you use will also be a determinant of the quality of your experience. Not all coils are built the same. Some are built to produce gigantic clouds, some are made for flavour, and some are made for multiple purposes.

Your job is to do just two things. Find the right coils that deliver maximum flavour and have them replaced at regular intervals. Many people drag the coils to the point they burn their throats. That’s a wrong practice. Avoid that at all costs.

Be Mindful of Vaper’s Fatigue

Every vaper has their favourite flavours.

They are reluctant to switch to other flavours. But over time, the tongue gets accustomed to the flavour. As a result, things aren’t the same as they were on the first day.

Don’t let your tongue get desensitised to your favourite flavours. If you have any favourites, then a quick tip would be to occasionally substitute them. Once or twice a week, consume different flavours to have a fresh taste of your primary one for a long time.

Vaper’s fatigue can truly make your favourite flavours go absolutely bland after some time. Be mindful of that.

Use the Right Flavours

Just like coils, not all e liquids are for one simple purpose. Some are made to suffice the vaper’s nicotine requirements; some are made for big clouds. Some are made to make the vaper’s mouth flavourful.

E liquids with more PG are made to deliver flavour. A safe choice for flavour lovers will be a 50/50 PG VG e liquid. Anything more than that can go a little hard on your throat.

You can do experiments for sure if you like. Bottom line is that anything that sits well with you is right for you.

Clean Things

Clean the pods, clean the tanks, and clean the devices.

Dirty, unkempt devices can truly dull down the flavours. You’ll not believe the difference you can get just by regularly maintaining the device.

Give Rest to your Devices

Don’t pull like your life depends on the vape.

A lot of vapers just don’t give rest to their devices. As a result, coils/pods burn faster and the overall experience is significantly reduced.

Your ideal situation would be to give at least 10 to 20 seconds of gap between two puffs.

Play Around with the Vape Settings

This is true for traditional devices and not contemporary plug and play devices.

With the traditional vape devices, you get lots of adjustment options. Explore the settings and choose the ones that give you the optimal flavour.

Adjust the wattage and resistance. If you have a hard time understanding this, then you can always go online and search for optimal settings.

This is also essential for you to familiarise yourself with your device better.

Experiment A Lot

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Final Words

Getting the most flavours out of your e juice is a matter of a little research, maintenance and experiment. You get these things right, and there stands nothing in between you and lustrous flavours.

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