How To Be Satisfied With A Nicotine-Free Vape?

nicotine-free e liquid

The culture of nicotine free vapes has been booming in the vape industry. Retailers are stocking up on nicotine-free vapes to make sure their customers are catered to. This type of vape is free of nicotine toxicity and other harmful chemicals.

That is why the demand for nicotine vapes has surged so much over the years. The highly addictive compound found in most e liquids is not present in nicotine free e juices, which makes it quite a desirable outcast.

Nicotine free vaping can also help you eliminate your smoking addiction entirely. You get the flavour and the clouds, but there are no harmful elements involved in delivering them.

Tips To Elevate Your Nicotine-Free Vaping Experience:

This blog is a guide for those who are considering a switch to nicotine-free vaping but are worried about their satisfaction level. We will outline how the switch can be made without heightened cravings.

Follow these techniques to vape away your nicotine-free e liquid, whilst getting absolute contentment from your experience.

1.   Gradually Reduce Nicotine Strength

If you’re already a vaper of nicotine-inclusive e liquids, it will be quite convenient for you to switch to no-nicotine vaping. You should now focus on reducing the strength of nicotine in your e liquid formulations gradually. Do it at your own pace, do not rush the process, otherwise, it may not help you get complete satisfaction with a non-nicotine e liquid later on.

E liquids are now available in varying nicotine strengths. You can even make your own e liquid with your desired nicotine concentrates. Additionally, slowly reducing the strength will help you get used to the low nicotine experience.

If you are vaping 18 mg/ml e liquid right now, you can swap it with the closest strength nicotine e liquid available in the market, such as 12 mg/ml or 15 mg/ml. Once you’re comfortable using that, you can consider switching to a 3 mg/ml. This type of progress is slow but yields lasting results. So if you really want to get the best out of your vaping, don’t skip any step.

2.   Get High Power Devices When Switching To Lower Nic Strengths

The ideal practice is to go for a powerful vaping device when you get to the lowest nicotine strength, i.e. 3 mg/ml. The increased production of vapour in a high-power device eliminates the incomplete sensation from your vaping sessions, and helps you get the same level of satisfaction as before.

This technique will make up for the sudden drop in the concentration of nicotine. It will also help you feel satisfied when you finally settle for a nicotine-free e liquid. A low or medium-power mouth-to-lung vaping device would be ideal for this considerable switch.

3.   Pick An E Liquid That Provides Elevated Throat Hit:

Nicotine-free vaping significantly reduces throat hit. This means that your switch from 3 mg/ml strength to no-nicotine can also feel quite major. It is bound to happen, especially if you extract all your satisfaction from the thumping sensation at the back of your throat while vaping.

If that is the case, you should go for a nicotine-free e liquid that is likely to give you a throat hit. One way to go about it is by choosing an e liquid flavour like menthol or peppermint. These flavours mimic the throat hit by giving you an intense buzz at the back of your throat.

You can also opt for spice flavours that naturally produce a striking hit in the throat. Alternately, you can opt for e liquids that contain a high PG ratio. An ideal place to start is an e liquid with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

4.   Mix Your Own E Liquid:

E liquids are rarely produced in nicotine strengths lower than 3 mg/ml. This means that you have a thin chance of finding your favourite e liquid flavour in nic strengths lower than 3 mg/ml.

However, you can mix two e liquids to get your desired strength. You can try mixing two 3 mg/ml e liquids in equal parts to dial it down to 1.5 mg/ml. Alternately, you can purchase your own e liquid material and make up your own blend. Just follow a standard recipe and skip the nicotine shot.

5.   Use The Right Equipment:

Using the right e liquid is one thing, but you must also make sure that the vaping hardware you use also supports nicotine-free vaping. For maximum satisfaction, you must acquire things that motivate you to vape, such as the device exterior, accessories and flavours. Pair up your most desired pieces of equipment to make things line up.

These are some of the techniques that will help you level up your nicotine-free vaping. A gradual switch and the right technique will ensure lasting progress. If you are struggling with finding the right e liquid, make your own. Check out the full guide on making your own e liquid here.

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