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Keep calm and vape strong with our flavor-filled range of Fruits Shortfill 50ml! Let the sweet notes of a ripe strawberry, a juicy peach or even an apple strudel tempt your taste buds. Even if you’re craving something more exotic, we’ve got it covered – no need for dessert when there’s pineapple, melon or even durian to be had! In fact, our selection is so vast that even those offbeat combinations can’t escape our all-encompassing net: from yuzu cherry blossom to passionfruit cheesecake, we have everything you could ever hope for in just one click. Keep coming back in search of your new favourite flavour because in this candy store – the sweets never stop flowing!

Shortfill Flavour Adventure has not finished, browse our Sweet & Candy 50ml Shortfills or our copycat Clone Vape shortfills 50ml.