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Stock Up On These Things To Make Your Own Vape Juice

Vape juices contain all the right ingredients to satisfy the tobacco cravings of a smoker. If you have recently started vaping, you may not be aware of the idea of DIY vapes. However, these are becoming increasingly popular among vapers because of the customised experience they offer.

A lot of standard vape juices may not match your personal taste, and that is when it will be a good idea to make a DIY e juice. You can create your own cheap e juice with the right products in hand. This will allow you to have a better vaping experience by having complete control over the nicotine concentration, PG/VG ratios as well as your vape juice flavouring.

What You Need To Create Your DIY Vape Juice:

No matter which method you’re using to create your e-liquid, you will need some vape ingredients to get started. Here’s a list of what you should have:

1.   Base Liquid:

Base e-liquid is an e juice ingredient that forms the foundation of the entire formula. It comes in the form of a liquid, vegetable glycerin(VG) or propylene glycol(PG). It is basically zero nicotine, non-flavoured e juice that may come in premixed ratios, such as 30/50 or 70/30. You can either buy them in this form or opt to create your own ratio.

For that, we recommend buying 1 litre of VG and a 500 ml PG bottle. Check the packaging for a USP grade sign to ensure that the product you’re using is free from harmful chemicals and is safe for mixing. If you want to buy cheap vape juice in the UK in bulk, you can find them on Cheap E Liquid UK.

2.   Vape Juice Concentrate:

With the help of this liquid, you can develop a flavour for your e juice. Stay away from concentrates that are not specifically developed for vape juices because they will not provide you with the quality you seek. In general, things like essential oils or any sort of oil-based concentrates are not a good idea.

Instead of that, look for individual concentrates, as they can be combined into some brilliant flavours. You can opt for any brand as long as they offer the flavour notes and potency you are looking for. Look into some recipes that are high-rated and seem like a good match for your taste. You can then purchase specific concentrates for these recipes or go for one-shots that are premixed with multiple flavours. One-shots are perfect for beginners, which they can buy through any juice maker retailers.

3.   Nicotine:

Nicotine is an important element of vape juice. Some e juices are nicotine-free, which means that they are created without it, making this ingredient optional.

You can either skip this ingredient or select your own nicotine strength for your e juice concentrate. Based on your experience and preference, you can get a 100 ml bottle in 36 mg/ml or 60 mg/ml. The former is ideal for beginners, whereas the latter may be suitable for a more mature vaper.

You will find nicotine suspension with PG in stores very often, but you may also be able to find varying ratios if you look around. Be extra careful while handling this ingredient, as its direct exposure to the face and skin can have harmful effects. Get a pair of gloves for DIY e juice steps that require you to work with nicotine bottles.

4.   Bottles For Storage:

We recommend storing your base liquid in separate squeezable bottles that have nozzle tips, so it is easy to pull it out. Consider stocking up on 100 ml condiment bottles for this task. For storage of nicotine, the ideal solution is an amber or cobalt bottle. Get them in darker colours and solid glass composites to slow down the process of e liquid degradation.

5.   Labels:

Buy a paper tape or pre-made sticky label to write relevant details related to your formulation. You can mention the flavour, the nicotine concentrate and the base liquid ratios as a reminder of the specific formulations.

6.   Gloves:

Gloves are extremely important while you are handling vape juice ingredients. Always keep a stock of these to avoid harming your skin while mixing chemical products for your vape juice. Get a box from a nearby pharmacy or store to make the process a lot easier and safer.

Here are the 6 most important things you must have in store if you are considering making your own e-liquid. If you are finding it difficult to locate the best cheap e liquids in the UK at reasonable rates, you can head over to Cheap E Liquid UK. We are a vape juice brand that is dedicated to delivering the most authentic and safe ingredients to our e juice fans. We also offer reduced prices on the purchase of bulk products!

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