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General Conditions and Data Information

  • All customer accepts and agree to our Privacy Policy & our Cookie Policy All data on the Cheap E-liquid site, including product descriptions, may time to time not be or accurate or up-to-date. Product images may also vary from the product descriptions.
  • All inquiries or questions must be in writing to our only support email address: [email protected]
  • We do not retain any sensitive payment details on our database system. All payments data processed through a secured, accredited payment gateways.
  • Accounts created on the site must be logged into at least once every 12 months to avoid deletion due to inactivity. Vapour supplies LTD/Cheap E-Liquid UK takes privacy very seriously, and an account is not needed to place an order.
  • If opted in, we use your email address and name for Cheap E-Liquid email marketing. The sole purpose of email marketing will include the following (but not limited to); newsletters, offers, freebies, discounts, site updates, issues, and direct information. All the data will be kept secure and will not be handed over to any third parties outside of the scope of the business.

Cheap E Liquid UK Goods & Products

  • Cheap E-Liquid UK e liquid will contain, but not be limited to, the following ingredients; Propylene Glycol (USP/EP/BP grade), Vegetable Glycerine (USP/BP/EP grade) & Flavour Concentrate (PG based food-grade). Our bespoke bulk E liquid does not contain nicotine
  • The flavour concentrates will contain the following ingredients, but not limited to, by manufacture: Propylene Glycol (USP/EP/BP grade), Approved Artificial and. Or Natural Flavouring. Our flavours do not contain sweeteners and chemicals such as; Stevia, Sucralose, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Diacetyl, or Vitamin E Acetate.
  • We use ingredients entirely safe for consumption concerning lifestyle choice, race, or religion. Our ingredients are generally classed as kosher, halal, and vegetarian. No animal products are used or any illegal ingredients. Our e-liquid and flavours do not have any unapproved, illegal, or dangerous ingredients. If any information of this is required please do contact us.
  • We always use the top-quality ingredients available. Our ingredients or the supplier may change due to better source higher quality ingredients or short of supply.
  • Our flavour concentrates are all currently PG-based by the manufacturer. This can cause high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) mixes to seem less viscous. You are expected to add more VG to the e liquid if you find this unsatisfactory, which will dilute the flavour. We mix our e-liquid with recommended flavour percentages.
  • We offer 100% VG e-liquid on the site. 100% VG e-liquid will be provided as a maximum of 80% VG, as the remaining 20% will be PG-based flavour. The same method is applied for all high VG mixes from 80% VG to 100% VG. We do not sacrifice flavouring for liquid viscosity.
  • TPD compliant products or may be exempt from the scope.
  • All ingredients we use, and supply are UK and European-sourced.
  • Mostly, our mixing process is done by hand, bespoke to your requirements; there can be a certain margin of error in the total solution amount received. The overall solution will be close, exact, or more than what was ordered. We always mix safely using the correct equipment and wearing the required apparel and accessories.
  • We advise our customers to open any packages containing any liquids over a sink, just if there have been leaks in the delivery transit. To help minimize any risk of spillage. We check all tops and inserts before use, in case they come to lose during transit or use, as we cannot be held responsible for any leakages.
  • You must purchase smaller sizes if you require to make an informed decision before placing larger orders, as we cannot accept returns on used liquids as per the Returns Policy.
  • All our e-liquids are mixed fresh upon you ordering and your requirements. Due to this, they may require steeping when received, as some e-liquid, depending on the flavour, may not taste as intended until steeping has been carried out. It may be the same if you use our flavour concentrates for your DIY mix. Steeping overall accounts for a much better vaping experience. Our Returns Policy outlines that taste cannot be a basis for return/exchange.

Shipping And Courier

  • Highly trusted courier services are used that deliver parcels worldwide. If any issues occur when your package(s) is received, you are required to send explicit images of the problem to our support email address within 72 hours of delivery.
  • It is your sole responsibility to request tracking IDs from us once your order is sent and make sure you are in on the delivery day of the goods. If an order is delivered due to no one being in to sign for the parcel/package or no safe place to leave the package, it may be returned. The buyer will be responsible for paying the postage fee which If a refund is issued, only the standard shipping will not be refunded (applies to free delivery, too).
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to contact the courier if delivery is missed or if more information is required regarding delivery to a neighbour/re-delivery. Details will be provided.
  • Delivery will either be re-arranged to the next working day or made to a direct neighbour if failed after a first attempted at your address. The tracking page will state the relevant information, and you may able to re-arrange through the tracking page or schedule a collection.
  • Once a delivery has been made and there are issues, you must email us if there are any damages send forward images of the following;
    1. paper invoice received with the order
    2. Products and labels, and the outer packaging.
  • It is your responsibility to keep these and send forward the images when requested for our reference and a form of evidence on your behalf. Images must be provided or we may not be help with the query.
  • What we ship, we are fully aware that each package is weighed before it is sent out to postage.
  • We may need to provide extra information to the couriers for delivery purposes. This information will include your telephone number.
  • We have 72 hours working day processing time, as most of our products are made at the time of order and are not off-the-shelf. We could not be held responsible for orders that are delivered late if we sent them within the processing time.
  • If site issues occur that do not allow us to ship your order out on time, we will ship the following working day once the problem is resolved.
  • Cheap E Liquid UK will not be held responsible for how the shipping handles the order(s). All our efforts will be made to try to resolve any problems that do arise, however.
  • Customs in your country may open bottle tops and break the seal.
  • We are not responsible for this as it is out of our hands.
  • Due to restrictions with couriers and certain countries, your order may be shipped in multiple packages.
  • Once order is shipped we no longer can cancel
  • For the office, house names, business, or flat addresses, we advise you to add this information in the shipping fields on checkout.
  • If multiple orders are made on the same day to the same address, they may be combined and sent in one package. If considerable shipping costs are paid for these orders, they may not be refunded due to the shipping costs considering the total weight. If you have any concerns, kindly do get in touch with us before the orders are shipped to send them separately.

Liquid Storage

  • For optimal storage, all liquids, including e-juice, flavour concentrates, and nicotine concentrates, must be stored correctly in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Avoid sunlight. Avoid high temperatures. Liquids can discolour and darken over time. This is considered natural oxidation and will not affect the quality. With e-juice, the rate can increase as we mix fresh.
  • Some batches of nicotine concentrate may oxidize in transit. Oxidisation is a natural process that is irreversible but can be slowed down. A change in colour does not affect the potency of the nicotine. The flavour in the e-liquid will not change due to oxidation. This case is not a basis for a refund, exchange, or return.
  • In hot weather or warm climates, VG can become more watery and less viscous. This can also occur in transit. If this happens, you must place the bottle in a fridge to solve this natural phenomenon.
  • Menthol and mint-type flavours or e-liquid can crystallise, especially in cold conditions and climates. This is deemed a common natural phenomenon. To reverse the process, you must place the bottle in water, that is, at a temperature of 60°C+.

Brands & Associations

  • Any images and trademarks that are expressed on the website are for visual aid. They are just used to give customers and idea of the products.
  • Cheap E Liquid UK are not in association with other trademarks or brands unless expressly stated, and any trademarks and brands are solely the property of the specific companies.

Age Restrictions

  • Orders places on behalf of you. Age restrictions laws of 18 and over must be adhered to.
  • Upon delivery adult only, signature may be required to accept the order during delivery.

Living Documents

  • Our terms & conditions may change at any time. Your responsibility is to visit this page and re-read the text on every visit and comply with the whole document before purchasing any products.
  • When checking out, you are required to agree with the whole terms & conditions stated on this page. By agreeing to all that is displayed, this will form a legal contract between us with your full knowledge and acceptance.
  • We will use these terms & conditions in our defence to present information that goes against these terms of service.
  • If you believe our terms & conditions are not fair in any way, you should not agree to them and not place an order.

Customer Service

  • It is the customers responsibility to contact us at times mentioned on the Returns Policy page if there are issues.
  • We will offer unbiased customer service when contacted and resolve any matters we can as long as they do not go against these terms & conditions and the returns policy.
  • We have a zero-tolerance approach regarding abuse, cursing, threats, or unprofessional conduct towards our customer service team.

Our Rights

  • Cheap E-Liquid UK reserve the right to cancel an order at any point without justifying a reason. We can delete any account accounts without warning. It is possible that products may have pricing errors. Incorrect prices will not be honoured. After any payment has been cleared and for some unfortunate instance we decide to cancel your order, refund will be provided in full.
  • Any order on hold or cancelled can be deleted from the system without prior warning. Especially if no payments have been made in due time.
  • Orders that have been confirmed to be delivered may be deleted from the system at any time. It is your responsibility to keep any emails or invoices related to your order(s).

Nicotine Safety & Warnings

  • Always keep liquids, especially nicotine, in a safe place away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. It is not recommended for use if you have never experienced nicotine before.
  • Pure nicotine is a poison (1000mg/ml). We only provide a maximum of 72mg/ml of nicotine concentrate for B2B purchases. The nicotine must be diluted before use and handled with the most significant amount of care.
  • Some flavours may crack some types of tanks. Moreover, certain flavours may gunk up individual coils.
  • Our products are not deemed as a cure for smoking-related addictions or as smoking substitutes.
  • You must only purchase our products after acquiring adequate knowledge. Keep strictly away from skin and eyes. If this occurs, you must wash it immediately with clean water.
  • No liquids should be ingested. Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed.
  • If any harm occurs, you must immediately seek medical assistance.


  • Any use of products from Cheap E Liquid UK is the responsibility of the individual solely.
  • Any injury or, even in the serious case, a fatality arises as an instance of using our products, Cheap E-Liquid UK will not be held liable. The use of our products is purely and solely at your own risk.
  • Approximately, 1 in 10 people get a small slight sensitive to Propylene Glycol (PG). No responsibility will be held for any allergy reactions for use of products containing PG.