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What are the essential E liquid ingredients? | A detailed overview

Let’s uncover the secret of what is in the vape juice

All that temptation to vape starts with cool vape devices, the option to choose your nicotine intake, a wide variety of flavours etc. Indeed, once you get to vaping, the options you can try don’t end any soon. However, one of the mchoicesmon reasons to quit smoking and get to vaping is to inhale 7000 toxic chemicals. The damage caused by these chemicals is not limited to the one who smokes, but the effects of secondhand smoke are devastating. However, if you are considering switching from smoking to vaping, it is always the best idea to know what you decide. So, if you are all about the E liquid ingredients for a better decision, you must read on.

Solid and Cheap E liquid UK

As a beginner to vaping, you may wonder about the difference between vape juice and vape liquid. So, here we are to clear out all the confusion about vaping for you. Vape juice and an E liquid are the same product names, and this product is the most exciting thing about vapes. However, a vape contains a mix of the following ingredients.

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Nicotine
  • Flavourings
  • Water

Approximately 90% of cheap vape juice comprises propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. So, let’s see how much of each E liquid ingredient will make it the right cheap vape juice for you.

Vegetable Glycerin

The food-grade VG is 99.7% plant oil and is responsible for making fun clouds when you vape. The more content of VG you have in your e liquid juice, the heavier the clouds will be. However, the higher content may reduce the overall flavour intensity. This primary ingredient of your cheap e liquid is a thick, colourless, and odourless liquid that tastes sweet.

So, the VG is extracted from plants such as palm, soybean, rapeseed, etc. It is used in routine products such as soap, shampoo, and cough medicines. Besides being one of the essential E liquid ingredients, it also finds its use as a sweetener in medications, low-fat products, and toothpaste.

Furthermore, it is used as a thickening agent to lower the vapourisation point. Hence, it vaporises at lower temperatures, giving you the perfect feel of smoking a cigarette by creating a smoke effect. Moreover, the viscosity keeps the non-toxic liquids from thinning.

Polypropylene Glycol

Whether you buy a £1 e liquid or stock up the large amounts of your cheap E Liquid, you can always choose how much PG content you want your vape to be. Indeed, it is the crucial ingredient of solid and cheap E Liquid. Besides vape E liquid, PG has been widely used in various products as a moistening agent, such as in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products. In addition, the FDA approves PG’s use in food items, including soft drinks and flavourings.

In the E liquid ingredients, PG enhances the flavour of your cheap vape liquid and intensifies the throat hit. The general viscosity of this substance is quite runny. However, current studies indicate that it poses no harm to the health of the vapers. While you vape away, the flavour and nicotine bind together and give you the perfect vaping experience.


Whether you vape or nicotine is the most of all the E liquid ingredients. You would know that it is a highly addictive natural substance in plants. Vegetables such as eggplant, potatoes, and cauliflower have higher nicotine levels. Nicotine induces relaxation, calmness, alertness, and sharpness in the user. It won’t be wrong to say that caffeine is quite similar to the stimulant in coffee and carbonated drinks.

As we discuss a cheap vape liquid, not all e-liquid juices contain nicotine. You can also get the best vape juice that is entirely nicotine-free, or you can add the nicotine later on according to your preferences. While you think about adding nicotine to your vape, you must know that there are two types of nicotine available to any vaper; freebase nicotine and nic salts. The standard nicotine in pound liquid is generally referred to as the freebase nicotine. In comparison, nic salts refer to a modified form of nicotine. It is prepared by mixing pure nicotine with any organic acid, such as benzoic acid. Nic salts are taken up the body more quickly and give a smoother throat hit. Hence, it is possible to have a smooth vaping experience with nic salts even with the higher amounts of nicotine.

However, it is essential to remember that nicotine is a toxin, and you should be very careful while handling it, especially near children and pets. Moreover, you must be wary of the nicotine you add to your E liquid juice. Therefore, always use precise equipment to mix and match your E liquid ingredients.


Again, flavourings are the most exciting part about vapes. Imagine satisfying your crazy cravings for doughnuts while you are vaping. Every vape liquid manufacturing company has its unique flavour recipe and protects it just like Grandma keeps her secret recipe of a heavenly dish so that no one duplicates it. Most of the flavours used in E liquid contents are food-grade, and it is best to ensure that you get the best cheap E liquid UK that contains food-grade flavourings. However, it is noteworthy that food flavours and flavoured E juice are not interchangeable.

Flavourings need oil as a safe, affordable base and act as the solvent. However, it doesn’t mean that the oils are safe to inhale. Instead, PG makes an integral part of the E liquid ingredients as a solvent. 

So, we recommend you not be stuck on one flavour but keep discovering a rich amount of E liquid flavours and choose the right one for yourself.

How do the E liquid ingredients impact your vaping?

Knowing all the basics about the ingredients of a vape, you must know how to regulate your experience.

  • Having 1.6% nic salt with higher VG gives you a thick 1-pound E liquid with a mild throat hit. However, the nicotine content can be higher. Furthermore, there will be thicker clouds with no significant throat hit.
  • 1.6% nicotine with higher PG will give you thinner E liquid. You will have thinner clouds with a heavy throat hit.
  • Lastly, your vape type matters a lot. Hence, you should get a suitable vape kit. If you wish to start from the starter kit, there will be high-resistance coils that do not comply with the thick E liquid. Viscous E liquid may burn prematurely.

On the contrary, the sub-ohm kits contain larger coils, and high PG E liquid quickly runs into it and gives a perfect smooth hit. Indeed, choosing the right E liquid ingredients with the right amounts and fitting vape kit is vital to ensure your pleasant vaping experience.

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