What Is Vaper’s Tongue, and What Can You Do About It?

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When you suddenly lose the ability to taste your e-liquid, it can be both frustrating and frightening – especially if you’ve never experienced olfactory fatigue before. You’re enjoying the flavour of your favourite vape juice one moment, and then nothing! You may have vaper’s tongue if you have difficulty tasting your e-liquid.

This condition is known by several other names, including vape tongue and vapour tongue, but it all refers to the same thing: a sudden inability to taste your vape juice. Let us begin with the good news. Vaper’s tongue is a fairly common condition that has grown in popularity as e-liquids have become increasingly sweet over the years.

While we’re always here to provide you with the best quality e liquid in the UK, in this blog we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Moreover, we’ll share some pointers to help you cure your vaper’s tongue faster. Let’s get started!

What Exactly Is Vaper’s Tongue?

Olfactory fatigue manifests itself as vaper’s tongue. Essentially, your brain has stopped processing sensory information from your e-liquid, which could be because you’re constantly flooding your palate with a single extremely flavorful e-liquid or because you’re changing e-liquid flavours so frequently that your brain has become overloaded and has given up trying to separate all of the different flavour notes that are coming in.

What Causes Vaper Tongue?

As per reports from the vaping community, two usage patterns appear to be especially likely to cause vaper’s tongue.

  • You’re using an e-liquid that’s either extremely flavorful or heavily sweetened. This scenario appears to be especially likely to cause vaper’s tongue in heavy vapers who use their devices almost constantly. You’re constantly bombarding your mouth with a single strong flavour, and you lose your ability to taste the subtle nuances of your e-liquid.
  • Throughout the day, you alternate between e-liquid flavours. Maybe you have several different vape tanks, each with a different flavour. You switch tanks whenever you get tired of the flavour you’re currently using.

In either of the scenarios described above, olfactory fatigue occurs as a result of overwhelming your palate with flavour. Either a single very strong flavour or a continuous string of different flavours. If you get vaper’s tongue when using a single e-liquid flavour, try vaping less frequently – and if you lose your sense of taste when switching e-liquid flavours frequently, stick to just one flavour per day. Also, you can try

With Time, Vaper’s Tongue Cures Itself.

Vaper’s tongue is certainly unpleasant, and it detracts from your vaping experience. The most important thing to remember is that it will go away on its own. As inconvenient as the situation may be, you may discover that the best solution is simply to reduce your vaping frequency for a while.

Place your vape kit down and take a break from it between vaping sessions. You might find that if you avoid chain vaping and flooding your palate with intense flavours all day, you won’t get the olfactory fatigue that’s making it difficult to taste your vape juice.

How Do You Treat Vaper’s Tongue?

Most vapers agree that the best palate cleanser for curing vaper’s tongue is plain water; either still or carbonated water will suffice. Water may be beneficial for curing vaper’s tongue because vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol – the two ingredients found in the highest concentrations in any e-liquid – absorb and trap moisture. Because PG and VG are both humectants, you may experience a film on your tongue when vaping heavily. Making an extra effort to stay hydrated while vaping may help to resolve this. Brushing your teeth may also be beneficial if you are having difficulty tasting your e-liquid. Remember to brush your teeth.

If drinking more water doesn’t work to cure your vaper’s tongue, try a more strongly flavoured palate cleanser. Here are a few popular options that you should think about trying.

  • Coffee, either hot or cold
  • Lemon slivers or juice
  • Pickled ginger, like that found in sushi restaurants
  • Tea without sugar Milk

There are numerous foods and beverages that can be used as palate cleansers.

To Wrap Up:

As previously stated, curing your case of vaper’s tongue can be as simple as waiting for the condition to resolve itself. Still you can try the tips mentioned above. All in all, there is nothing to worry about. Also, if you’re looking online for e liquid flavourings, nic shots or a good quality one pound liquid in the UK, Cheap E Liquid UK has them available for you. Check our collection and order now.

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