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Why Is Custom Mixing Of E Liquids In Trend Right Now?

Why Is Custom Mixing Of E Liquids In Trend Right Now?

Do you wonder why vapers prefer to mix their own vape juice rather than buying pre-made ones? Well, there is a perfectly good answer to that.

Since vaping has been around for quite a lot of years now, vapers are getting bored of trying the same pre-mixed flavours offered by different brands. They are always on the hunt to look for something new and exciting that nobody is offering in the market. This is where we come in. We at Cheap E Liquid UK are allowing vapers to experience something that is new and out-of-the-box.

But why are they loving this new concept of custom-mixing so much? Well, we have listed down a few reasons that will explain why mixing e liquids are all the rage among vapers nowadays.

1.    Custom E Liquid Flavours

The fact that bespoke flavours may be created fully based on what you want is one of the most apparent reasons why most vapers enjoy mixing their own e juices. This is beneficial because vapers who are weary of the same old flavours may create unique blends with just a few e liquid components and a little knowledge.

Consider adding menthol or mint to an apple e liquid to make an arctic apple e juice, or combining a strawberry e liquid with a cola e liquid to make a strawberry cola, which is probably unlike anything you’ve ever tried. If you want to produce your own e liquids, you will have these and many more possibilities at your disposal.

So don’t limit yourself to what e liquid producers and their teams can create; make your own amazing concoctions.

2.    Custom Nicotine Strength

One of the factors why some vapers prefer to mix their own e liquid instead of settling for what other brands have to offer is the option to adjust nicotine strength.

You’re generally limited to a certain amount of nicotine strengths when purchasing ready made e-liquid. If the manufacturer does not offer the strength of nicotine you desire, you may have to compromise for the next best option. You can choose the exact amount of nicotine you want to infuse when manufacturing your own e liquid, giving you complete control over the nicotine content in the e liquid you vape.

3.    Perfect VG/PG Blend

Have you ever tried an e liquid that wasn’t quite right? Maybe the VG/PG ratio wasn’t quite right. If you experience something like this, then you must understand why having control over the PG/VG ratio is beneficial. If you’re new to vaping, you might not understand the difference between them both and why it matters when it comes to e liquid. But don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

One of the most prevalent components in e juice is VG, which stands for vegetable glycerine. It not only aids in the formation of beautiful clouds of vapour, but it also sweetens them.

PG, standing for propylene glycol, has no taste, but it serves an important purpose. It’s what causes vapers to have a throat hit whenever they inhale a puff of vapour. Without PG, several vapers perceive e juice to be overly smooth, lacking the bite that many former smokers associate with cigarettes. It’s possible that your e juice has quite a lot of PG in it if it’s too harsh. If it doesn’t really have any taste, PG might not have been present in sufficient amounts.

Finding the ideal ratio of VG to PG is a delicate matter. While some e juice companies claim to have the best ratio, the reality is that everyone has different tastes. You can, however, choose precisely what kind of PG to VG ratio you would like in your e juice by mixing it yourself. This allows you to have an ideal vaping experience with each puff.

Now, if you want to give custom mixing a try, check out the ingredients and flavours available at Cheap E Liquid UK. You can buy one pound liquid along with VG, PG and nicotine shots to create the perfect blend that is best suited for you. We assure you that we provide nothing but the best to our customers at prices that are extremely low. This way, if you are looking to buy in bulk for your own vape shop, your cost will end up coming out to be much less than you anticipated. So, browse our collection and get shopping now!

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